I moved to Dubai in October 2014, after having spent 10 days as summer holidays in september 2013 to visit my best friend. I immediately fell in love with this incredible, cosmopolitan and unbelievable city where you have the feeling that whatever you do and anywhere you are in Dubai, it will always be an experience.

This city full of superlatives, everybody knows it, but what I really enjoy here, is that you have absolutely EVERYTHING you can imagine and dream of in terms of shopping, restaurants, night-clubs, hotels, private beaches etc.
As I am French, I have to admit that  sometimes, I really miss our incomparable traditional food, a good glass of wine with my favorite cheese, or the terrass where I like to meet with my friends at the end of the day and during the week-end.  But what I feel I miss the most, is definitely the culture, even if you can go for exhibitions, concerts or théâtre in Dubai it is not the same ambiance than in France. When I was living in Paris, I was used to spend some time with my friends, my sister, roaming in the streets for hours, having a drink at our favorite coffee and then go for a photography or art exhibition or just to a rock concert.

I am not comparing Dubai to Paris as it is totaly different and I love both cities for many reasons.

In Dubai, you will find beautiful roof-tops, an incredible choice of food (from the American fast-food to a great fine dining restaurant in a 5* Hotel) this is something I appreciate, some days after the beach you just want to relax and go for a cosy and unpretentious restaurant with your friends and sometimes, you want dress up (cause this is what Dubai is all about) and put your highest heels and a hot dress to go out for dinner with your BF.






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